5 Awesome Physics Games Like Angry Birds Space

Posted on 18 Apr ’12

I know the angry birds genre quite well. When the new Angry Bird Space game came out, I was more excited than everyone at the sight of just the trailer. A few people have mentioned how much they liked the physics of the new game, but what everyone doesn’t realise is that there are many many games out there with amazing physics and graphics that equal if not trump Angry Birds in this regard. Here are 5 awesome physics games like Angry Birds Space, which I wanted to share and educate everyone about:

  • Kosmo Spin by Simogo Games is a great little game with cool physics and graphics. It has a flying saucer that is trying to steal your food from your planet, which you have to safe guard.
  • Bumpy Road also brought to you by Simogo Games. It is a simple platformer where you control the bumpiness of the road that your characters are travelling on.
  • World Of Goo by 2D Boy: Games, where you control the goo creatures and guide them to safety is just amazing.
  • Where’s My Water by Disney Mobile is a great example of water based physic games.
  • Ragdoll Blaster 2 is a great puzzle based game involving cannons and ragdolls.

Happy gaming.


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