All image sizes for your IOS mobile devices

Posted on 1 Aug ’12

I have trawled through loads of stuff online to find this stuff. So here is the holy grail of all image/icon sizes for IOS devices, which includes iPhone and the iPad (including sizes for retina display).

iPad (retina display) iPad iPhone (retina display) Older iPhones/iPod Touch

**All sizes below are in pixels
iTunes App Store Icon that shows up when you search in the app store. This is automatically resized to 175×175 by iTunes 1024×1024 512×512 1024×1024 512×512
Screen Sizes For launch images 1536×2008
768×1004 (portrait)1024×748
640×960 320×480
App Icon Used for app icons on your ios device 144×144 72×72 114×114 57×57
Spotlight Search and Settings Icon Used when your app shows up in spotlight searches and settings 100×100
(search results)58×58
(search results)29×29
58×58 29×29
Document Icon Used if you app creates a customs document type. Ipad needs 2 separate sizes here 640×640
44×58 22×29

Also, I found a very useful site called IconSwitch.me (along side others on my Useful Resources page), which takes in a 512×512 image and generates all the other sized icons you need automatically. Fair play to those guys for coming up with this valuable design tool.

Also, you can find the full set on the Apple Developer site.

Hope it is useful and saves you a lot of time endlessly searching for app icon sizes for IOS devices.



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