Updated: Everything you ever wanted to know about: Angry Birds.

Posted on 16 Mar ’11

Update (13/09) – Added link below about the Angry Birds Merchandise Shipping.

If you are an avid smart phone developer or just a simple game lover, you will appreciate the easy addictive qualities of a game like Angry Birds. Developed by a Finnish game developer, Rovio, this amazing game has been on the top 10 list in the apple app store forever. Some are saying that Rovio is the next best thing to come out of Finland, next to Nokia….only time will tell, and so will brand image.

I am hooked on this game, and also as a budding entrepreneur, I love reading about the business and brand that has made Angry Birds what it is today. So here are all the most interesting articles I have come across for Angry Birds over the last while…happy reading.

As I come across more articles, I will update the page here.


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