Best Success Quote Ever – “Be Like A Duck”

Posted on 11 Jul ’12

If someone told you mid-conversation “Be Like A Duck”, you would think “WTF dude, you aren’t listening to me”, but this is one of those sentences that is either so profound or so stupid, I really had to think about it and get an explanation. It turned out to be the best success quotes ever.

So here is an excerpt of the conversation:

Me: “So what do you think..?”
Anonymous Friend: “…don’t be worried about it, to be successful in life,  just be like a Duck!!”
Me: “wtf, what?”
Anonymous Friend: “One of my favorite mentors told me, its a success thing”
Me: *long pause* wow…lost a few screws over the years huh…randomly thinking that I want to shout out “quack….quack…quack” from The Mighty Duck (if anyone remembers that movie.)
Anonymous Friend:you know be like a duck, paddle furiously underneath, but be calm, smooth, and unruffled on top…”
Me: *staring silently* looking like a very confused duck…quack?

After about a day, I decided it is surprisingly profound and one of the best duck quotes I have heard in years. It expresses the chaos of your inner voices compared to what you choose to show as your external fascade…some of us are so good at doing this…we label it with terms like self confidence, maturity, wisdom….but my favorite one is class (in the Irish sense of the word). So when you are asked about success in career, life, love, make sure to pass on the message…and quack 😉

What do you think?


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