DSLR Basics – A Manual Cheat Sheet

A beautiful manual cheat sheet for the DSLR photographer from Petapixel.



Cleaning your camera lens…the awesome, but OCD way!!

More from my photography series of posts….

PetaPixel.com published this article with the original video from the Nikon Hotline Help Site.

It is pretty good and accurate, but god help me is this so OCD.

Check out the video….you’ll know what I mean.

Hiking in the Sugarloaf Mountains

The photo here were taken while I was hiking in the Sugarloaf mountains, Co. Wicklow in September 2010…its was freezing and windy, but a beautiful day nonetheless.

The hike itself is a sharp 30minute climb, where you scramble up the last bit at the top.

The photos were taken on my HTC Hero (5MP) phone.

PetaPixel – A Great Photography Blog

Check out the awesome photography blog, PetaPixel.com, for all things photography and video. I use it quite a bit, and they have some great articles…including my previous post on the Digital SLR simulator.

Learn Digital SLR without the cost of the camera itself!

For all the camera beginners, enthusiasts, and wannabe’s….I found this awesome flash resource, which lets you test your hand at the main controls on an SLR camera. If you ever wondered what it is like to own an SLR, or why there were so many buttons and knobs on your SLR, this site is quite good at explaining the main settings (aperture, shutter speed, lighting, focus etc).

Check it out on CameraSim.com….its pretty cool.


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