Cinemagraphy – Even More Stunning Art In Motion

Posted on 2 Feb ’12

Jamie Beck, the photographer I spoke about in my original post has done some more inspiring cinemagraphs that I wanted to share, along with a few others. I really admire the work in this area of art in motion.

A few new sites have also come up recently, which also show many other cool cinemagraphs as follows:

  • Cinemagraph – it includes works by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.
  • – another tutorial on how to make your own cinemagraphs.
  • Cinemagraphy page on Tumblr is collection of user generated and more notable works.
  • Update: A new app called Cinemagram has popped up on the Apple store, which allows you to make your very own Cinemagraphs and share it with everyone. Check it out.

Here are some of my new favourites (source: Jamie’ Blog FromMe-ToYou, Tumblr Cinemagraph Blog):

Swept Her Away Cinemagraph



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