Cinemagraphy – Stunning Art In Motion!

Posted on 21 Jun ’11

Continuing on my photography posts, I wanted to share something cool with everyone – a new medium known as the world of Cinemagraphy. A great blend of technology and art that work seamlessly to make your jaw drop.

At its very core, it is a moving picture (a .gif for the techies out there), however on closer inspection you will see that is it not on of those cheesy cartoonish animations (like the ones people still use for their avatars on blogs e.g. homer simpson).

Essentially a cinemagraph is a moving artform, somewhere between photography and high quality video, however the animated bits are seamless and only on a select part of the image. Once produced, the image,which is largely static, then momentarily comes alive.

Some great sites for cinemagraph’s are:

  • Jamie Beck’s blog called FromMe-ToYou (the first one I ever came across)
  • Site called “If We Don’t Remember Me” and they do cinemagraph’s of famous movie clips – check it out here
  • Fernando J. Baez Tutorial

The cinemagraph medium really intrigues me, so I will give it a go over the next while and post my results here…so watch this space.

In the meantime, here are some great examples from Jamie’s blog:



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