Don’t Build An App, Build A Mobile Business

Posted on 31 Aug ’11

A great article from Charles Yim, Google Mobile Partnerships via TechCrunch about building a mobile business and not an app (using Backflip Studios and Angry Birds as key examples).

To summarise:

  • Start a business, not an app
  • Choose the right business model
  • Build for the user
  • Create buzz about your app
  • Be engaging
  • Build a brand
  • Measure performance (not downloads)
  • Test (and iterate)

To this I would add (specifically if you are building a game):

  • Develop a Game, Not a Level – Too often you see a game that has been developed around a particular level, but a truly great game needs to has to be engaging, has multiple levels, layers of complexity, rewards, and equally disappointments or also known as the “near miss” factor.
  • Develop a Game, Not a Design (and get an actual designer for that bit) – Lots of focus seems to be paid to the graphical elements of a game more so than the game itself. Great graphics make a game pretty and awesome, but don’t forget its the game elements that keeps them entertained. As such an agile approach to build a game and develop graphics will do wonders, as both can evolve into something amazing.

For more on game theory – check out Gamasutra and a new site called WhatGamesAre (by Tadhg Kelly at SimpleLifeForms)

Read the full article on TechCrunch.


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