Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul, But Its Hands That Define You!

Posted on 13 Sep ’11

I wanted to blog about a funny but interesting conversation (of course sourced from a random conversation with friends in a bar). Your eyes maybe the window to your soul, but its your hands that really define you!

The women in the group insisted that the hands are in the top 5 things (smile, height, hair, and present-ability (i.e. well dressed etc) making up the other 4)  they look out for when evaluating a potential, however the men insisted otherwise. So, being the curious one, I asked:

“So what is it about a man’s hands that makes them attractive to women?”

To which I got a range of answers below in order of importance, regardless of the state of the hand (clean, calloused, smooth, scratched, or just plain average):

  1. Safety & Protection – knowing that the right type of hands can protect you from danger, hardships of life, father-daughter connection etc.
  2. Sensual – something about the feeling of a hand touching a person or even the imagined feeling of a touch
  3. Expressive – hands are expressive, you don’t need to speak to be understood. they can convey emotions that are hard to describe i.e. love, compassion, tenderness, warmth etc.
  4. Vulnerability – linked to the first one, but as in allowing yourself to feel comfortable in someone’s hands
  5. Power – your hands can achieve what the mind wants, so they reveal a lot about the owner.
  6. Symmetry & Health – symmetrical hands = healthy hands = good genes (possibly the only scientific explanation here).

Additionally, it turns out that average hands are more attractive than all other types.

Random, but a fascinating conversation topic. So all you guys out there…make sure you take care of you hands (and I don’t mean manicured and moisturised – just washed, clean, no nails etc)…and just be average and they’ll speak for themselves 😉


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