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Posted on 9 Sep ’11

I have recently been reading a lot about the amazing world of game design and game theory, so I said that I would share my favourites here – it will save you a lot of time looking for this stuff.

The sites below are primarily mobile and social games, more so than any of the console/pc games, but many of the articles you will find are derived from the mainstream genres and practices.

Dedicated Sites for Game Theory & Design:

and of course the usual sites that are already great for articles….

If you have any more, please share using the comments section below.
[Featured Image thanks to Graphic Design Idea].
  • http://twitter.com/prazzledazzle Prasanna Ellanti

    Also, as a personal favourite, check out Ray Wanderlich’s Tutorials (http://www.raywenderlich.com/) or 71Squared (http://www.71squared.com/). If you want to learn how to start out games programming in iOS , these are what you need.

  • http://twitter.com/prazzledazzle Prasanna Ellanti

    For any development questions I have, I use StackOverflow (www.stackoverflow.com) or Quora (www.quora.com) quite heavily.


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