Going loco down in Acapulco…

Posted on 19 May ’11

While I was in Mexico on a project in early 2010, I got a chance to check out the sights and sounds of Acapulco. I ended up liking it so much that I went back twice during my stint there.

We stayed in a place called the Acapulco Princess Hotel (both times), which is a Mexican pyramid themed hotel, which felt like it was from the 80’s, but great rooms and service all the same. The best part, the pools and the private beach, within 5 mins of walking outside.

Both times, we went to the Senior Frogs overlooking Acapulco Bay (just amazing views), and we went to a world class restaurant called Zibu. The great thing about Zibu, not just the haute mexican-thai cuisine, which is insanely good, but also the fact the restaurant is built into the trees and overlooks the Bay of Puerto Marques (about 10minute drive from Acapulco bay).

It really is a place of contrasts because the drugs and violence side of Acapulco comes through more so than anything else in the news. Where we stayed was not in central Acapulco (where most of the gang violence seems to happen), but on the secluded beach fronts away from the bay about 10mins taxi ride away….but seriously don’t let this put you off going.

Also, this was the first time I had my DSLR out and about (I got it the previous Christmas). The equipment I had was:

  • Camera:: Sony A230
  • Lens:: 18 – 55mm standard lens
  • Memory:: San Disk Extreme 8GB
  • Carry Bag:: Sony Alpha Carry Satchel

I have put some of my favourite snaps up from the two trips….check them out.


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