Guy Kawasaki – LinkedIn Tips

Posted on 13 Mar ’11

Post from October 2008:

I recently found and extensively make use of the professional network site Linked In. It is a fantastic place where you can connect with so many colleagues and professionals.

In the process of setting up My Linked Inprofile, I came across another interesting article from Guy Kawasaki with tips to improve and utilise Linked In to get the best visibility online. Some tips from Guy’s Blog Post are:
(1) Obviously increase your visibility with more connections
(2) Improve your connectability by essentially replicating a CV in the Linked In site
(3) Improve your Google Search Rank – Linked In is highly ranked in Google, so if you have a public profile with full view, then you are ranked highly by the Google engine.and so on…If anyone want to connect with me, please use my LinkedIn public profile, which I belive is the easiest way to do so.


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