“In these recession times…”

Posted on 19 Mar ’11

Let’s be honest, the last few years in Ireland and the EU have been pretty miserable. In particular Ireland has been losing at home, while we spent all our time abroad on holidays we couldn’t really afford, homesick for houses we couldn’t really afford. We are now several years on, a massive loan in toe (and I am not talking about the toxic bank debt we still carry), a new political engine per-say, in a car that wouldn’t pass the NCT (due to all the smoke from every orifice).

Out of all this misery, and bleak good news, one of the most compound, striking, and ominous catch phrases used as the start of and end to all of our stories is “In these recession times…”.

Simple and subtle you might say, but think about it!!!

I am mesmerised by this sentence. I have never known a line, which has been used to describe, positive and negative, sarcastic and capitalistic, misery and triumph, trails and tribulations, elation and every day average situations.

Here are a few examples:

  • Positive – “In these recession times, ah sure, at least we have our health”
  • Negative – “Damn these recession times, I am down to eating beans and toast”
  • Sarcastic – “Damn these recession times, I am down to eating beans and toast, which I bought in bulk from last weeks Lidl’s Thursday specials”
  • Capitalistic – “I am a millionaire, and that’s my religion, in these recession times” (paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw)
  • Misery – “You never know who is going to lose their job next, in these recession times”
  • Triumph – “In these recession times, self worth is better than net worth”
  • Trials – “Its hard to get by on €188 a week, in these recession times”
  • Tribulations -“In these recession times, it is sobering to contemplate just how shattering the Great Tribulation will be.” (speaking about the apocalypse and the end of the world)
  • Elation – “I feel “chosen” in these recession times, I am getting a redundancy package for a job I was going to leave anyway”
  • Everyday average situation – Question: “Still or sparkling?” Response: “Just tap water please, (mutter under breath) in these recession times..tut tut”

And a few more:

  • Depression – “In these recession times, think about it….recession is when your neighbour loses their job, depression is when you lose yours” (paraphrasing Ronald Regan)
  • Thrifty – “Mind your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, in these recession times…”

The next time, this whole downturn thing brings me down…, I’ll crack open a bottle of Prosecco (and lament the days of champagne), and I’ll trumpet “in these recession times…”.


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