iOS vs. Android – or are we trying to create the same uber-smartphone

Posted on 24 May ’11

Ok…as an avid gadget-eer and techie, I have to say that I am getting pretty sick of articles about why android is better than iOS, why Apple is better than google, and conversations why my htc hero is better than my colleagues iphones. Let’s not even get into next level of competition, with windows 7 (microsoft), blackberry OS (by RIM) etc…

I read a lot of tech magazines, blogs, and gadget sites, and so much of time is wasted chalking up these differences…its boring..and you lose all interest.

Articles such as the following really irritate me for some reason…10 awesome android features that iphone doesn’t have or top 10 iphone features that android doesn’t have.

Mostly because I don’t see that much of a difference in the next few years….what is he talking about you might be saying……wait…

Let me explain…

The current arguments is at its core form vs. function…based on what i have experienced, iphone is form with function (so not just a pretty face, but with brains), whereas android phones are functions with form (but definitely not too far off being sexy). If we go 1 step further, its is basically (to the layman), “the iphone is pretty and usable, android can do a lot more stuff”.

Ultimately, why doesn’t everyone just put their hands-up and realise the basic truth of it….

We are all aiming to build the uber-phone (the ideal one) – the all encompasing smartphone with a ying-yang perspective balance on both form and function, multi-touch, context aware (aware of your surroundings), and so on….and the real difference will come down to how the respective company use these technologies (patenting early counts, but not forever), and what developers choose to develop, to make our lives easier.

So my bequest to the tech community is to stop comparing phones and operating systems, but to compare the real dynamic aspect of these technologies…the users…you, me, and everyone else!


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