Luxury Lifestyle – Where do you find it these days?

Posted on 7 May ’11

Being effectively middle class in the Irish economy, we were the winners and losers (along with everyone else). During the celtic tiger days, it was relatively easy to find luxury and luxury impulse purchases everywhere….these days it a bit muted and taboo to even look.

So, I am doing the opposite and I wanted to post about one of the magazines I read (more so drool at the pictures) a lot while commuting for work.

The magazine is called the RobbReport, and their website is It is a gallery of minimalist articles for the luxury lifestyles for everyone who can afford it (for everyone else if they win the lotto / strike it rich building apps for your iphone). After you wipe the drool off yourself with your sleeve, then you move to the back for a sort of buy and sell section (with many many zeros, $$$, commas, POA (price on asking), and no decimals to be seen anywhere).

Everyone wants a lifestyle…for richer or poorer or middle class, but it is always good to be in the know if you do better for yourself in this world, or in your lifetime…so check out RobbReport.

As I like to say, if you don’t have anything to spend your money on, what’s the point of earning it….so I will strive to own at least one thing that this luxury magazine offers….someday….there’s is one for your bucket list ;-)…hedonistic excess in recession times.

  • Prasanna Ellanti

    Also check out Uncrate (, TheFancy, (, and Svpply (


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