Madhu Chamarty – Three Wise Men

Posted on 13 Mar ’11

Post from October 2008:

Here’s an ode to three wise men I know,
Each so decorated, with much to bestow
What brought them to me? Chance, perhaps fate?
Many a good quality, they encapsulate

First there was the quiet one, stoic & simple,
Imparting wisdom as a matter of principle,
Brevity, intellect, but seemingly aloof;
I used to wonder, why no thought, no debate,
Then it dawned on me:
In matters of the heart, his word was most accurate

Then the stern one, open and fun,
With many a fair friend and advice unexplained,
Tough to perceive, caring with some restraint,
Then it dawned on me:
What he says is seldom faint

Finally the buoyant one, a friend to everyone,
Pleasant, effervescent, but an open book to none,
Crossing stages, reinforcing learning (yes, quite)
Like brothers in arms marching through philosophical fields,
Then it dawned on me:
Emotional mines we unsealed, imbibing all that introspection yields

Thus I carry on, amidst winds of change,
On the shoulders of giants, with collective strength in range,
Calmer, wiser, aware and “on the way”;
We may part ways, each with a different sway
But in my memory these three wise men will remain always.

by Madhu Chamarty.


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