Naming Your Pride And Joy – Your Startup!

Posted on 12 Jun โ€™11

Having a catchy name for a startup and securing an available domain name is as important as your business model.

It is what people associate you with, it what evokes feeling, if you are lucky you might get ‘verbed (e.g. I googled a lot today), and most importantly it is your Brand.

Just for fun I was trying to see if I could find a name and domain for a project I am toying with at the moment, but it is really funny how difficult this actually is…

Do I make it catchy, can it be a clever play on words, does it conform to web 2.0, is it fancy, does it represent my brand, can it be a clever play on domain names….all great questions but funny and so far laborious the way I was trying to do it…being creative…eish!

All in all you could pay someone to come up with your brand, but that is not the lean startup way!

I did find this article on, which was very useful…and so I thought I would share it….you can find the article here.

And what did I end up securing for my project….you’ll just have to wait and see ๐Ÿ˜‰



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