Oh No!…a Macbook Pro…Sorry PC’s

Posted on 18 Apr ’11

As many of you already know, I recently and on impulse purchases a Macbook. I got the bog standard 13inch Macbook Pro 1.5GHz Intel CPU etc…. The whole reasoning behind it was the I started to develop a  number of ideas for mobile applications and wanted to see where I could take them, and also I needed a new laptop for home use.

It is now a couple of weeks since I have to say I am surprised at the speed of the uptake. Funnily enough it already did all the things that I would do when I first set-up a laptop or PC such as a dedicated downloads folder, dedicated short-cuts folder, dedicated music, videos etc. Being a windows users, the most annoying thing is the fact that there is no “home”, “del”, “pg-up”, “pg-down” keys, but you soon learn to live without them. The keypad gestures are unbelievable…don’t even know why have so many mouse around the house now (in saying that for pin-point accuracy stuff like photo editing or graphics, I presume you would still need it).

My only peeve is the you have to have an apple ID to get stuff…and I seldom like signing up to things (especially with a credit card up front), but if you get past your trust issues, it is quite quick and unnerving at the rate at which you spend on the app store.

I have decided to do a bit of a developer set-up on the Macbook Pro and have the following setup:

  • XCode4 (with Interface Builder) – it’s an IDE for objective-C developers. It comes free with the $99 dollar Mac Developer License. Or it is only a couple of dollars from the app store.
  • Open Office – for all  your free document needs (a free alternative to MS Word, Excel etc) and just as good.
  • Keynote & Mockapp – The second stage of application development from define is DESIGN. A well designed app is always better than spending forever in building the damn thing. The essence of good application development is always the design.
  • Dropbox – Online file sharing, which is great because it works across all my computers and keeps the files synced automatically…how did I ever live without this thing.
  • Namely – quick application launcher. It is like the Mac standard search, but for installed applications.
  • Visor Terminal – It is a much needed command prompt for Macs (if you even need it).

Outside of the above, I also plan to get for my photo editing:

So far all is going well, and I haven’t thrown it out the window just yet. Maybe all those fears from back in my college days programming in Code Warrior on the colourful Macbook are well behind me…..maybe.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know by posting comments.


  • Phil Curran

    I just picked up a Macbook Pro too. I’m trying to get my head around OSX. I haven’t used it since college…

    • http://prasannaellanti.com Pras

      Lol…it’s not too bad, the gestures, and the applications make up for a lot.


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