Prasanna Ellanti – Elegy for a withered soul

Posted on 13 Mar ’11

Post from March 2009:

O’withered soul,
Darkness does shine for you,
Not a laugh or smile to light you, no melodies,
A smile, her candour means no more to me.

To stand the will to live, flee,
Into the darkness, to find comfort on a broken kinship,
But carry with thee the scar of those memories, deeply, and
With wretched wanting.

by Prasanna Ellanti.

  • Hugh Daly

    There are two types of violence. One good, one bad. Good violence is once and for all. When it is done properly there is no need for any more. Bad violence escalates over time. Bad violence destroys good societies. When you come to power, determine who needs to be hurt and hurt them, quickly and severly. Then cease all violence and reign in peace. To do otherwise is to ensure your reign is short and hated.

    By Hugh Daly.


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