R.I.P Steve Jobs – A True Visionary

Posted on 6 Oct ’11

It’s a sad sad day in the technology and entrepreneur world today and one of the true visionary technologists passes away. Steve Jobs has certain captured the hearts of people, whether you are an Apple fan-boy or girl, or a technology purist who never liked their products – everyone certainly respected what he was trying to do.

Here are some links to remember him by:

  1. Steve Jobs RIP
  2. Tribute Video for Steve Jobs
  3. Story of Steve Jobs
  4. Steve Jobs Biography
  5. Check out Apple’s website – they did a great job.
  6. Favourite speeches – 2002 keynote speech, Steve introduces iPhone (2007),  iPhone 4, iPad (1, 2)

Here is that amazing Stanford Graduation Ceremony Address:
Steve Jobs Inspiring Address


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