Smithsonian “Historically Hardcore” – Fake Advertising Campaign

Posted on 21 Feb ’12

I came across these before on a few websites and thought awesome, this is an incredible way for the Smithsonian to build an engaging, creative, and informative advertisement for something as trivial (to folks these days who’d rather Google it) and un-interesting  as museums.

The campaign (made up of 3 posters below) was called “Historically Hardcore”. History to me always seemed to be in the past, written in books, or make believe, however these posters make it a bit more realistic, in vulgar, but funny ways. They were created by Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler as an art project. The Smithsonian actually asked them to remove them – funny it seems like the best, free marketing they could ask for.

Smithsonian Historically Hardcore

Smithsonian Historically Hardcore



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