Startup Genome Project – Initial report on being a successful start-up!

Posted on 1 Jun ’11

My good friend, Madhu Chamarty, put me onto the Startup Genome project. The aim of the site is to discover what patterns, methodologies, and practices that constitute a successful startup.

The crew at startup genome have just released the first report, which looked at over 650 internet startups and the results of their in-depth analysis into what makes them successful….and the 14 indicators of success….a good interesting read if you download the report…so check it out.

A good quote from the site is:

“too many entrepreneurs idolize Steve Jobs as a one of a kind genius, with superpowers mere mortal entrepreneurs just don’t have access to. People overlook that Steve Jobs isn’t doing anything radically different than other entrepreneurs. He just knows the rules of the game and plays it extremely well.”

I am certainly looking forward to the next report!


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