Oscar Wilde:

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack imagination”

Should You Really Be A Startup Entrepreneur??

Through Techcrunch, I came across this guest post by veteran silicon valley VC, Mark Suster, who asks “Should you really be a startup entrepreneur?”.

I am glad I came across this article even if I was slow in finding it, as it really cement some of my thinking in this space.

Rather than reveal the good insights of the article, I suggest you read it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Check out the article here.



Prasanna Ellanti – “I am…En-Tre-PreNeuR”

A poem about being an entrepreneur in a moment of inspiration..hope you like it:

I am, what I am,
In a closet, of hopes and dreams,
Shackled not to daily drudgery,
But a necessary life, inorder to attain.

I am a developer,
Of content and oft time coded and loved equally,
I have seen and sowed and reaped perhaps.
At any moment,
A seed, a spark of imagination, life, or location,
Can inspire me.

I am not woman nor man, but a preacher of sorts,
Yet I yearn to be better than the rest,
Waiting to be plauded,
Laurels resting on high values and valuations.

Wealth is a goal, but not The goal,
A better life to achieve, yes,
At least an interesting one to live,
Morals to set,
Visions to create,
And My Vision,
To convince others of my simple and pure truth.

Expecting and accepting failures,
Searching for virtuous successes and triumphs,
The respect of my peers,
Euphoric, on days when I create,
Euphoric, solemnly, on days when I cling to hope.

I am Ent-Re-PreNeuR,
And that is all that I am.

By Prasanna Ellanti.


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