“The Art Of The Start” – Guy Kawasaki

Posted on 13 Mar ’11

Post from February 2008:

I came across Guy Kawasaki’s website, and stumbled onto his blog, where I found this great video and other interesting tid-bits on entrepreneurship and start-ups…..He has some of the best advice I have heard, and the speech in this video is absolutely fantastic…as it certainly got me thinking about some of my ideas.

The Art Of The Start speech is based on his book with the same title. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy….as it will no doubt be one of my bibles going forward…I particularly like the section about making meaning, making a mantra, and making a difference…… is just common sense that unfortunately can get lost in a jumble of business plans and models….and of course “the creation of the mission statement”.

Guy’s website is a must read for anyone thinking of start-ups….and checkout the rest of his blog, there is some great stuff there about a lot of things….a blog I would truly aspire to become.


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