Too many engineers in India..Why?

Posted on 12 May ’11

I found this interesting article on, “why there are so many engineers in India”, read it here.

It interesting because of how the class structure has permeated from Society (although still prevalent in most areas in India), and into Education, which is meant to be non-discriminatory.

The article provides a brief history of how modern day educational value in society has come about. Growing up in India, certainly the pressure is on for the major degrees, with Medicine in first place, Engineering (Electronics or Computers) in second place, and BComm/BA (Bachelor in Communications or Bachelor in Arts) bringing up the rear alongside Law degrees.

The following extracts give you a taste of the article:

The hierarchy of an Indian classroom became clear – the bright kids would become engineers, the rich kids would become doctors, and the dumb kids would go into arts. Why? Because it wasn’t difficult to get into arts school. It was always looked down upon if you came across someone with a B.A, even though he might be exceptionally bright and pursued arts for the love of it. The caste system, being abolished in Indian culture, had found it’s way into the Indian classroom in another form altogether – engineers, doctors and arts majors.

Check out the full article…it is quite insightful.



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