Top 10 funniest reasons for not voting in the 2011 Irish General Election…lol

Posted on 4 Apr ’11

In the recent Irish general election, voter turn out was the highest reported in a few years. It was fuelled by a complete let down by the previous government, and a disappointing un-charismatic Taoiseach or “prime minister of Ireland” for those not familiar with Irish politics.

According to voter turnout was roughly 71% considering the relatively poor turnout of roughly 62% back in 2002.

However this post is not about voter turn out or about politics, it is about why people didn’t register or vote. Typically you expect such reasons to be along the lines of “I don’t believe in any of the candidates” or “I don’t think any of the candidates are capable of anything useful” or even “why should I have to choose from the best of a bad lot”.

The list below is a collection of the top 10 funniest reasons why people chose not to vote, which I have come across in real life from real people (and thank god no one I know personally). It is, I guarantee you not something I have made up, it is from actual people (who shall be kept anonymous, more so for the sake of idiocy than anything political). I have to put in a warning to say that the below is just ridiculous and in no way reflects me or the majority of the Irish people….so here we go.

(10) “I was waiting for the f***ing clamper’s to release my car”

(9) “The post office was closed, and I couldn’t get a stamp to post my registration form”

(8) “I feel guilty when the other candidate loses, so I don’t vote for anyone”

(7) “I didn’t vote for any candidates in my area because none of them were good-looking”

(6) “Petrol prices were too high, which meant I couldn’t drive to the polling station”

(5) “I went to the local for a pre-vote drink, and got wasted”

(4) “I don’t want to associate with the criminals in my area”

(3) “I don’t vote for socialists, communists, or capitalists because I am a realist”

(2) “I didn’t vote because my candidate (from Sinn Fein), said that they would burn the bondholders and get the Chinese to help us out…I don’t like Chinese food”

and the funniest one of them all…

(1) “I didn’t register to vote, because THEY might find out I don’t have a tv license”

All I can say is….eish!


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