Posted on 31 Jan ’12

 Firstly, what the hell is with the title you ask?

It has nothing to do with TU-TUs or anything like that. I was listening to Notorious B.I.G famous song  “Notorious” (which was sampled from Duran Duran‘s original song of the same name), but this is just as cool.

Like Mr. Wallace a.k.a Biggie Smalls has taught us many things about the world (some useful), I am going to try impart some wisdom about stuff I have learned that hard way. I will start with what I am doing right now i.e. tinkering with an iPhone game in my spare time, and then who knows.


Check out the Tutorials page, where I have provided a range of resources that I currently use or the category itself.

Keep an eye out as I publish a few of my own tutorials over the next while. In the mean time check out the Rap way to Photoshop – I actually did learn something from these videos, that is why they are categorised as tutorials ;-).



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