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Here are all the wonderful and most useful resources and tutorials out there….mostly from my many experiences.

My Tutorials:

Useful Resources for Developers:

All the development tutorials and resources that I use / have been using.

  • I am primarily using XCode at the moment, which is fantastic and quick to pickup if you ever used an IDE. I am more and more tempted to start using Ansca’s Corona SDK because of support for various distribution platforms (iOS, Android, Kindle, Amazon), which is increasingly important to reach a wider audience.
  • Ray Wenderlich– simple, easy to understand tutorials for all your iOS needs. This website has really helped me learn a lot.
  • Tim Roadley‘s tutorials are quite good for many things Cocos and iOS.
  • 71squared – Another fantastic site with tutorial videos, which have helped me immensely.
  • ManiacDev is a great site for iOS tutorials
  • StackOverflow – although it is mainly a brilliant site for asking development questions, a quick search here is definitely worth your while, as no doubt someone has already hit a similar issue/question you have.
  • Online learning is essential, so I am a heavy user of and Udemy. Udemy is an online learning academy with video tutorials. I personally learned how to code in iOS, how to design engaging user experience, and currently learning how to code HTML5, and Ruby and many many more.
  • Useful tools are also essential, and I believe AppSumo has been great to fill this gap. AppSumo provides software deals (a good few free ones, and some really cheap ones). If anything they educate me about available software that really makes things efficient such as MailChimp and Aweber.

Useful Resources for Designers:

All the design tutorials and resources that I use / have been using.

  • Typography:
  • Free Music (always check the license agreement before download and use)
    • Kevin MacCloud’s (Creative Commons License) – wonderful site, where you can grab some great tunes that are created and shared by Kevin.
    • SoundCloud is actually a great resource, just find a clip or a song you like, and ask the author whether you can use it. Anyone I have chatted to have been pretty easy going in this regard, and agree to Creative Commons more often than not.
    • Another great site for things like sound effects and a whole host of other clips is, which provides them for free.
    • Freesound is also a great site for some clips.
    • So is StackExchange.
  • Graphics
    • GIMP (free) – GNU Image Manipulation Program.
    • Pixelmator (not free) and useful Pixelmator Tutorials. Check out Pixelmator Templates for some beautifully designed app icon templates.
    • Adobe Photoshop (not free), but widely used – see how much fun it can be – The Rap Way To Photoshop.
    • SpeckyBoy is actually a great site for tutorials and design ideas. And they tend to give some free stuff away also.
    • I use TexturePacker for sprite/image packaging, which is very simple to use and integrates well with common IDEs e.g. XCode, Corona SDK.
    • IconRobot (free) is a simple tool to create icons of various sizes (as required by iOS) for different hardware e.g. iphone3g/iphone4s/ipad. Make one icon (512×512) and the tool looks after the rest.
    • PSDChest is awesome for the free psd file they give away, from website designs to UI elements.
    • For inspiration, I use PatternTap and UIPatterns quite heavily, which showcases the best UI designs out there at the moment.

Other Useful Resources:

  •  Project Management
    • Asana – I actually find that I am using Asana quite a bit now for convenience. I can certainly see how useful it is for teams – but as I am a one man show, I have really transitioned my individual task management over completely. I also largely use my doodle book, which I carry with me everywhere.
  • Sales Platforms
    • Gumroad – I use this quite regularly now, and it is awesome. All you need to do is load you product, use the gumroad unique link, and share the link with everyone.
  • Bug Tracking
    • I am not quite there yet, but Lighthouse seems pretty good.
    • JIRA is also available, which I have used before and it is decent.
  • Web Site
    • LaunchRock – if you need to create a fantastic lauch page for free.
    • BlueHost** – My blog is hosted on BlueHost. It is super-easy to use, 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and excellent customer service. Highly recommended for your first site.
  • Outsourcing (just in case you are feeling lazy)
    • 99Designs – a pretty good site to setup your design as a competition, which you will fund, and many talented creatives will respond to. Some really great designs for low prices here.
    • Elance – having a great time with this very easy to use, simple outsourcing tool. You can get a range of rates, skills, profiles, and also get a freelances for most things like research, writing, blogging, graphics, animation, development etc. It is also relatively cheap compared to other sites I have visited.

If you have any of your own recommendations, please leave comments, and I will update the page once I get to play around with the tools.

** Please note the some of the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). These are resources that I have experience with and that I am recommending because they are helpful and they are companies and products that I trust, and not due to any commission that I earn from the products. Please do not spend any money unless you feel it is something you need and it will help you achieve you goals.


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