Varsity Bookmarking – “My job Part1 – I have no idea what I am doing…”

Posted on 17 May ’11

I came across Ben’s blog through business insider recently, and he has a very interesting article titled…”My job part 1 – I have no idea what I am doing”.

Ben Pieratt is the CEO of, which is a social shopping start-up from 2009 based out of NYC.

What is interesting about the article, and what interested me most, was not that fact that this was yet another blog post giving advice on how to get venture capital, do well in a VC pitch, or marketing your ideas…At its core the article is a journey, ben’ s journey of taking his idea (for and making it into a business…and with complete honesty.

A good quote from the article is: “My company has been the recipient of over half-a-million in investor dollars, for the stated purpose of building an unknown, 3,000-member web service into a cultural phenomenon, and I truly have very little understanding of what I am doing.”

Check out the article here.


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