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What is would take for me to buy an IPad or a media tablet?

Posted on 16 Mar ’11

I realise that there is a lot of discussion on IPads, Playbooks, HTC flyers  over the last while…and for good reason. The tablet market, which had it roots in the smart phone & tablet PC market…. has really taken off. Although not as powerful as  a laptop (which is only a matter of time), the tablets are soon to dominate this world, being able to already carry out a plethora of daily functions. According to many research firms (i.e. IDC) and marketing firms, tablets will be mainstream and taking over market share in laptops in 2011.

For this blog, I was thinking about the advent of the tablets, and as a gadget lover, I just want one!….but the techie, the engineering nerd in me, just can’t commit to spending that amount of money without going “meh” in a lot of areas. This got me thinking, and I have been trying to come up with a wish-list of stuff, which would convince me to completely buy a tablet (notice I didn’t say IPad!).

Here is what I have got so far:

In the hands of manufacturers:

  1.  “Light as a smartphone….eh!!” – Ultimately portability is the key isn’t it. You need to be able to carry it and hold it for as long as you want to without any form of repetitive stress injuries. Again time will tell, but once they get it down to a large 10inch screen but weighs as much as my old blackberry pearl, then we are talking.
  2. Less than an A4 Screen Size with the resolution of a minimum resolution of 1080p – A4 is usable, and can be handled with ease. Again weight comes into play, but if they can satisfy point 1 above, then this shouldn’t be a problem. A resolution of 1080p is achievable, but we are talking about as standard, again time will dictate availability and costs.
  3. Seamless power everywhere – this might seem a bit futuristic, but we already have this technology in the form of the power pads. Proprietary power sockets are just as painful as other sockets. What I want to see here is the power pads, which used induction to generate power – make this the only way to charge devices going forward people…just be done with wires and converters altogether.
  4. End to proprietary sockets – nothing annoys me more than having to buy a big load of accessories for a product, which I tend to replace every 2/3 years (smart-phone perspective). Where is the universal standard manufacturers, getting to USB2.0 is a good start, but we need to enforce that every manufacturer for the tablet market should provide standard interfaces such as USB3.0, HDMI, SD Cards, Ethernet (but only in the short term) and so forth.
  5. Expandable memory / disk drives – I realise I already mentioned SD cards, but what I mean by expandable memory/disk drive is that you should be able to remove and replace the disk drives on your tablet with ease….right now my PC or my laptop allows me to do this relatively easily…granted this may be difficult due to current manufacturing processes e.g. unibody aluminium constructions, but not impossible.
  6. Cloud Operating System with off-line capabilities – not quite Chrome OS, but it would be step in the right direction. Forget about running anything on your local tablet, everything is run on a remote servers accessed over the internet. Better still give you more battery and faster processing in any applications.

In the hands of society / government technology ministries:

  1. Endless connectivity – outside of the control of tablet pc makers, but without this we are doomed. We need to be connected everywhere and for FREE!
  2. Seamless power – not a repeat of point 1, but what I am thinking here is public spaces with power pads built in….office desks with power pads, tables or panels on trains with power pads, airplane seatbacks with power pads etc……seamless wireless power everywhere….never have to worry about battery life again….WOW…now that’s futuristic.

That’s all I can think of for now. If you have any, add comments to this post, and I will add them to the above list.


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