Where are you in Dublin, and where would you like to go?

Posted on 31 Mar ’11

One of my best friends, Eoin Bailey,  is involved in a start-up at the moment called The start-up is based in Dublin, Ireland.

The site provides a multi-modal journey planning service. It can be used to find your way in and around Dublin City (and expanding to the rest of Ireland at some point in the future). It supports Dublin Bus currently, and soon to expand into Luas, Dart (with the rest of Irish rail to follow) and other services as the start-up gains momentum.

The site allows anyone to select a start location on the slick interactive map, then select a destination, and the route planner uses a combination of different modes i.e. walking or bus journey to show you how to get there. Even cooler, is that each journey comes with instructions (including distance to travel, estimated journey time, and timetables for the suggested public transport), and a CO2 calculator to inform you of your carbon emissions, compared with using a car.

In the recent general election, they used their journey planning service to show people how to get to their nearest polling station…nice.

Check it out…its pretty cool….

If you like what they are doing, have any comments, or any suggestions for their wish list, let them know on twitter.



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