Why You Should Always Shoot Photos In RAW?

Posted on 8 Aug ’11

A good workflow (below) and explanation on PetaPixel on Why you should always shoot to RAW format rather than a compressed (more readily pre-viewable and shareable) format such as JPG. I agree with with the below very much – however my Sony A230 allows you to shoot both RAW and JPG, which is ideal for me – although not good on the storage space front.

This article from PhotographySide also gives a very good explanation about the practical differences between RAW and JPG formats. Also got the featured image from this article….cool t-shirt eh! I must have one of these.

  • Mpoverello

    Hi Prasanna,

    Thanks foir tyhe article. Never knew you were an avid photographer?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mike,
      No worries. Hope you are keeping well.
      Yeah, I got into it when I was in SA actually and then got an SLR after I got home – SA is just amazing photography everywhere – even around the corner from WaterKloof ;-).



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